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Hi, welcome to Half-Quality Memes! This is a place for me to post random meme-ish art, whether it be drawings, 3D renders, or animations.

Come back every Wednesday/Thursday (depending on timezones), for a fresh new meme!

If you'd like to share these around the internet, be my guest! However, please do include credit if you repost any work of mine (a link back to this page would be most appreciated), and don't take credit for my work.

If you enjoyed any work of these, or just want to chat, please shoot me an email at Reading messages from fellow internet users makes my day! :)

2024-05-16: Game Breaking Glitch

Spamton from Deltarune in a television against a black background.

Since probably nobody will get this, I'll provide some context

Pause abuse if a glitch in Pizza Tower where literally spamming the pause button makes the game behave weirdly- it can change the player's collision with objects, slow Pizzaface down to a crawl, and even allow the player to exit out of bounds.
The icon in the second panel is the symbol for pausing; hence, the game has broken because it was paused multiples times...

Idk this was a dumb idea \/(?)\/

Template version without text or icons

Timelapse of me creating this drawing.

Drawn using Clip Studio Paint 1

2024-05-16: HEY EVERY--

Spamton from Deltarune in a television against a black background.

Look [lightner], I'm on the [BIG SCREEN] now!

3D TV and Spamton made in Autodesk Fusion 360, texture and rendering in Maya.

Final image editing done in Clip Studio Paint 1

2024-05-09: BIG SLICE

Peppino from Pizza Tower holding a phone, answering a call from Spamton Neo from Deltarune.

Idk, I thought the situation in which these two somehow exist in the same universe would be funny, and decided to draw it :)

Peppino holding the phone is inspired by an ultimately unused sprite that was to act as the 'begin game' button in Pizza Tower's title screen.
Here is a timelapse of me creating this drawing.

Drawn in Clip Studio Paint 1

2024-05-02: Peppino Slap Noise

Peppino slapping The Noise from Pizza Tower across the face. Noise is saying 'Woag' and Peppino is saying 'Yeeeoooooowww'

Inspired by this meme of Batman slapping Robin.

Everything in this image was drawn by me, with some light perlin noise to make the image seem as if it were from an old comic strip (similar to the source material).
If you want to edit your own text into this image, you can download this template version with empty speech bubbles.
Here is a timelapse of me creating this drawing.

Drawn in Clip Studio Paint 1

2024-04-29: CupTale

Cuphead and Tully standing in the judgement hall from Undertale. Tully is saying 'so you finally made it' a 'la Sans from Undertale

I can't hear the word pacifist anymore without thinking about Undertale, please help.

Aside from the CupHead sprite, which I- admittedly- traced to keep him remebling the in-game version as close as possible, everything in this image was drawn from scratch, or from reference, by yours truly. I applied Perlin Noise, chromatic abberation, and a vignette to make the image look as if it was from in-game.
The text bubble was spliced together from in-game dialogue.

Drawn in Clip Studio Paint 1

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