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EPILEPSY WARNING: This archive contains flashing and rapid-animated imagery.

The Town With No Name (TTWNN) is a Western-style point-and-click adventure game developed by Delta 4 Interactive and published by On-Line for the Commodore 64, and later for MS-DOS. It rated poorly at the time for its objectively low quality, but later gained meme status with game cutscenes such as "Give me a drink, bartender" and "Come back, Shane" making the rounds online.

This project aims to extract and archive all of TTWNN's assets into more common file types so they may be used by anyone for anything (videos, mods, etc).

If I have missed any important assets, or you have information about extracting certain file types, or have any other questions, please Send me an email or Leave a comment in my Guestbook.


Central repository- includes raw and converted assets

Images only (in .gif format)

Audio only (in .wav / .mod / .mid format)

Please note that due to either human error, or sheer quantity, some assets are not archived or documented on this site (halfofbilly.com). To ensure you have downloaded all relevant assets, please use the GitHub repositories listed above.

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>> All images/animations have been extracted
>> All audio has been converted from either plain sound to wav, or from .MOD to MIDI files
>> Track 2 voicelines have all been split into individual lines

TO DO (in order of priority)

>> Convert .MOD audio into .wav
>> Map out hitboxes for quicktime events
>> Decompile SHOT files (purpose unknown)
>> Decompile .info files (purpose unknown)
>> Decompile .library files (purpose unknown)
>> Decompile .DEVICE files (purpose unknown)
>> Decompile .TM files (purpose unknown)
>> Decompile .SHT files (purpose unknown)